St. Paul's Nursery School​​​​​​
Giving Children a Loving Start Since 1969​​

​​About Us

Established in 1969, St. Paul's Nursery School has been serving Washington, DC's children for 50 years. St. Paul's Lutheran Church generously contributes to the support of the school enabling a lower tuition.  
We welcome all. Over the years we have celebrated the traditions of children from across the world.   We have been privledged to welcome children from many countries including Russia, China, Slovenia, France, Spain, Austria, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Ethiopia, Holland, Norway, Sweden, England and South Africa.  

We serve children from the neighborhood and others that come across the park or from a bit further.
Our families maintain their friendships as the children move on to area DCPS schools or private schools.  

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